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8 May Primary Election

Primaries are used to select each political party’s candidates for the November election. All candidates for a given party appear on the ballot whether or not they are opposed. You may vote only for candidates in your party. When you enter the polling place, you will be asked to choose a ballot: Republican, Democrat, Green Party, or a Questions and Issues ballot which has no candidates. Choosing a Party Ballot will identify you to the Board of Elections as affiliated with that party. Choosing a Questions and Issues ballot identifies you as Independent.


Information on Candidates and Issues

County Boards of Elections

Montgomery County Board of Elections:
451 W. 3rd St. , Dayton; (937) 225-5656

Greene County Board of Elections:
551 Ledbetter Rd., Xenia; (937) 562-6170

Are you still on the registered voter rolls?

Over 32,000 voters in Montgomery and Greene Counties were purged from the voter rolls last year, a process allowed by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to clear the databases of inactive voters. If you have not voted recently, please check your name at the Ohio Unity Coalition website to see if you are still registered. If you are not, you will need to re-register by 11 October in order to vote in November.

You can also view the entire list of voters purged in your county: Greene or Montgomery (the files are rather large).

Voting Resources

Voting 123: Voter ID requirements

Voting 123 for College Students

Fact sheet: Voting with a criminal conviction

Judicial Votes Count (statewide resource for judicial elections)

Judicial Votes Count website information card

LWV Ohio Voter Center (will be updated as Election Day approaches)

Election Protection website; also Voter Hotline, 866-OUR-VOTE

Also check out our Voter FAQ page for more details on the voting process: registering, requesting an absentee ballot, changing your address, being prepared with accepted ID, etc.