Are You Registered to Vote?

Over 32,000 voters in Montgomery and Greene Counties were purged from the voter rolls last year, a process allowed by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to clear the databases of inactive voters. League partners at the Ohio Unity Coalition set up this easy-to-use web portal where you can verify that you are still registered. If you are not, you will need to (re)register by 11 October to vote in the November general election. You can also check the complete listing of voters purged in your county: Greene or Montgomery (the files are rather large).

Politics, Polling, and Pizza

It was standing room only at Marion’s Piazza on Wednesday night, 29 June with panelists Daniel Birdsong, PhD from UD; Lee Hannah, Jr, PhD from WSU; and Anthony Shoemaker from Dayton Daily News. The panelists discussed the history of modern day polling, beginning with a Gallup poll in the 1930s that turned out to be completely wrong. That’s when pollsters began to seriously study how to find a truly representative sample of the population.complete article for details.

Politics, Polling, Pizza panelists
Politics, Polling, and Pizza panel, left to right: Susan Darcy (LWVGDA), Lee Hannah, Anthony Shoemaker, Daniel Birdsong, Patty Skilken (LWVGDA)

Climate Change, Water, and Energy

Long before the media went into overdrive following the city water crisis in Flint, Michigan, the Dayton Council on World Affairs had already planned to focus its 2016 annual meeting around "The Geopolitics of Water." They invited environmental, health & safety engineer Dr. Phillip L. Hayden to speak to them on "Climate Change, Water and Energy." You can read his slides (2.7 MB) for more information.