Ozone Update

The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission has provided an update on news related to ozone pollution in our region. There are 2 developments to mention: the new national standard for ozone, and the monitored ozone levels in the Miami Valley. The good news for the Miami Valley that our region is compliant in air quality. See more information here.

Fair Districts = Fair Elections Coalition Celebrates Passage of Issue 1

The redistricting reform proposal appearing as Issue 1 on the November 2015 ballot has passed! Thanks to everyone who supported this important reform. "The people of Ohio have been waiting a long time for fair districts and an end to gerrymandering," said Carrie Davis, Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of Ohio (LWVO). "We are thrilled that a fair process for drawing state legislative districts is finally required by Ohio's constitution."

"Today's win was an important first step, but it only got us halfway there," concluded Davis. "We need to take these new anti-gerrymandering rules that Issue 1 applied to the General Assembly and extend them to Congressional districts, which are even more gerrymandered. We will continue to work with members of both parties in the General Assembly and Constitutional Modernization Commission to put Congressional Redistricting reform on the 2016 ballot."

A Reminder to the Public: it is the policy of the League of Women Voters not to support or oppose any political party or candidate. At this time of year, League members take part in cable television interviews and candidate forums, and work with candidates as we compile the Voters Guide. Any photos taken of League members at any forum, debate, or other event should not be taken as a League endorsement of a political campaign or candidate.
2015 Dangerous Dames of Dayton Event
Left: historian Debbie Anderson, LWVGDA President Patty Skilken, and author and columnist Connie Schultz; Right: WWII WAVE Millie Weather Jones; at September's Dangerous Dames of Dayton celebration.

Miami Valley VOTE!

The LWV VOTE Survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate. In the 2008 presidential election, around 62.2% of eligible citizens voted. Voter turnout declined to 41.8% in 2010, 58.6% in 2012, and 36.6% in 2014. The 2014 election year represented, by most estimates, the lowest voter turnout in 70 years. In view of this decline, our purpose in conducting this survey was simple: if you did not vote in the 2014 General Election, we wanted to understand why. As results are compiled, they should help us learn more about this concerning trend.