Primary Election Ahead

There will be a primary election on 5 May. The deadline for registering to vote in this election is 6 April. For more details, see our Election Information page. Meanwhile, make sure you (and your friends, neighbors, coworkers and relatives) are registered to vote. Update your address if necessary, request an absentee ballot if desired, or consult the schedule for in-person early voting. One way or another, make your vote count!

The Dangerous Dames of Dayton Award

The Dangerous Dames of Dayton Award was established in memory of the women of Dayton, Ohio who fought for women’s right to vote. It is given to recognize women who dare to work against the odds to make a difference in their community. Do you know a Dangerous Dame? Tell us about her! Nominations are due 1 August. See flyer for more information.

Dangerous Dames of Dayton

The Jo Columbro Environmental Award

Jo Columbro

The Dayton Area League of Women Voters invites you to nominate an individual or organization in recognition of their contributions to environmental preservation. The Jo Columbro Environmental Award will be given annually in three areas: Public Education, Community Action/Advocacy, and Philanthropy. Nominations will be in the form of a letter specifying the name of the individual or organization nominated, and identifying the area of service or contribution, and the nature of the action/contribution. Nominations must be sent via mail or email to the League of Women Voters office before March 15, 2015. Contact the League Office for more details.

About our League

The League of Women Voters of the Greater Dayton Area (LWVGDA) is one of the first Leagues established in 1920 after passage of the 19th amendment, making it a proud and direct descendent of the women’s suffrage movement. Over 250 members strong, LWVGDA encompasses both Montgomery and Greene Counties, and is an active partner of the State of Ohio League and the League of Women Voters U.S. The League is nonpartisan, and neither supports nor opposes any political party or candidate, but does take action on issues following careful study and member consensus. All women and men eligible to vote are invited to join League. It’s not just about having the right to vote, it’s about what we do with it.