I League of Women Voters of the Greater Dayton Area

Redistricting on May Ballot

On 8 May, Ohioans will vote on Issue 1, a reform of Ohio's congressional redistricting process to protect voters' interests. Issue 1 resulted from weeks of negotiations between the Fair Districts = Fair Elections coalition and leaders of both parties in the State Legislature. Learn in the video below how Issue 1 will change how congressional district lines are drawn and end gerrymandering.

Meanwhile, our original redistricting petition effort remains active in case Issue 1 does not pass in May. We are committed to the principle of fair districts, and will submit the amendment for the November ballot if Issue 1 fails. So, be sure to vote in the May election, but also sign the original Fair Districts petition, just in case.

2018 Dangerous Dames Honored

2018 Dangerous Dames honorees
2018 Dangerous Dames honorees, Deb Feldman and Lucinda Williams Adams.

The Dayton Area League honored this year's Dangerous Dames of Dayton, Lucinda Williams Adams and Deb Feldman, at a dinner on March 22 at the NCR Country Club. Lucinda Williams Adams was an Olympic gold medalist in the 1960 summer games, and later a dedicated teacher and administrator in Dayton Public Schools. Deb Feldman was Montgomery County’s first woman administrator and is President and CEO of Dayton Children’s Hospital.

At the same event, the Jo Columbro Environmental Award was presented to Riverdale Neighborhood Association President Victoria McNeal and Lynn LaMance, of the Five Oaks neighborhood, two local leaders who are fighting to reclaim their neighborhood from drug dealers, dumped garbage and dilapidated housing. The Dangerous Dames dinner raises funds to support League voter education programs. See details in the Dayton Daily News.