I League of Women Voters of the Greater Dayton Area

New Year, New Office!

The Dayton Area League held an open house at our new office last Friday, 5 January, as part of downtown Dayton's First Friday celebration. The frigid temperatures did nothing to dampen spirits or deter guests. We registered voters, had redistricting petitions available for signing, and enjoyed good food, drink, and conversation. If you missed the fun, you can still stop in during the day to get information about voter services and ongoing League activities. Get to know your local League and find out about all the exciting events we have in store for 2018, and how you can participate. Remember: democracy is not a spectator sport!

Redistricting Update

We're excited to share news of the redistricting effort advancing in leaps and bounds on multiple fronts, driving exposure and attention toward our movement for fair districts and fair elections. The legislature has finally responded to our calls for reform, establishing a bipartisan, four-member legislative working group examining congressional redistricting. That group announced two sessions to hear testimony on the issue, one of which took place Thursday, October 26.

Meanwhile, the signature gathering effort has surpassed 152,000 signatures, over halfway to the number needed statewide! This includes 14 counties that are at or above the 5 percent threshold, plus many more that are closing in - some with fewer than 100 signatures to go. The momentum of our signature campaign is also serving as a great incentive for the lawmakers considering a legislative solution, and we continued to gather signatures throughout the fall at the many area festivals and sporting events.